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Our Expertise

Application Development

We, at Cyan Technologies, drive businesses to success by giving them the much required edge in the industry. By delivering all kinds of solutions from enterprise-based applications to custom-made eCommerce applications, Cyan Technologies creates new opportunities, streamlines processes, and integrates operations.


The skillful experts at Cyan Technologies are your right technology partners, who can help you maximize process improvement and operational savings by implementing best Web solutions designed for your business needs.

Application Testing

Application Verification and Validation is a cornerstone of the product development lifecycle. 


Cyan Technologies testing consultants are experienced in Manual, Automation and Performance testing of applications in various business domains like insurance, banking and telecommunication’s sectors. Our consultants and engineers focus on customer satisfaction resulting in zero defects passed onto the subsequent product development stages and subsequently to the final product

IT Consulting

At Cyan Technologies, we are here to provide a wide variety of solutions to meet your needs. Our experts know how to analyze an IT department and find the right solutions to get the job done. We have extensive experience in enterprise monitoring, scripting and automation solutions that will fill in the "gaps" that are lacking on your IT team.

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